Saturday, July 22, 2006

Should we really blame Israel?

It's been a while, work has been crazy over the last week and I had to go on a business trip over the weekend (Switzerland is great by the way, just overwhelmingly expensive!!).

Well now I'm back to share the thoughts that have been lingering in the back of my head over this last week. Thoughts of the war in the Middle East, what else? Here you have it..

Who the hell gave Hezbollah the right to take Lebanon to war?? Of course my heart and thoughts are with the Lebanese people, I have friends stuck there going through hell, innocent lives are wasted, a country exhausted by an excruciating war trying to make a courageous comeback is being dragged into this, having all it's infrastructure levelled in a matter of days.

Who's to blame for this? Israel?

I really don't think so, in fact I totally blame Hezbollah! Probably most of my fellow arabs would label me a 'traitor' and what have you for saying this, but hey, this is my playground and I choose to be politically incorrect and dish it all out.. just speaking my mind..

When Israel pulled out of Lebanon few years ago, and then Syria pulled out last year I was thinking: There's a chance for Lebanon to finally settle down, make peace with Israel and start moving on, rebuilding the country and living up to its great potential. Instead, Hezbollah decided to go on fighting Israel! My question is WHY?? And please if anyone says Sheba'a Farms, shoot me instead!

Hezbollah is a party that does not represent the whole of Lebanon, yet it allows itself to take war and peace decisions on its behalf. And what's more ironic? Mr. Hassan 'Ayatollah' Nasrallah granting the Lebanese government the right to negotiate over the kidnapped Israeli soldiers!! Is he for real?

Arabs are very emotional, and that I would say is their biggest weakness. When the first Gulf War broke out I was eleven, at such a young age I too was driven by emotions, those of people surrounding me rather than my own, and there I was madly cheering for Saddam. I, just as much as everyone in Jordan, truly believed that Saddam was the long-awaited saviour, that he would anihilate the Allies and quench Arab thirst for glory. How naive was I? and the rest..

Years on, I grew to realize how much pain and misery Saddam has caused Iraqis and Arabs. I learned that though the heart is all about emotions, it should only be given away wisely, using reason and common sense.

Even if the West and Israel really want to hurt us, we are the masters at providing them with excuses. All my life I've been fed 'conspiracy theory' crap, in textbooks and in the media.. I just don't buy it, we are the masters of our own destiny, and as every coin is two-sided, we are also the architects of our doom. The choice is ours. So far I believe we are making the wrong choices.

We need to start accepting facts and making the best out of present situations, rather than swimming upstream. Some of these facts being:

Israel exists. It has existed for over 50 years. It will continue to exist. It's an internationally recognized state and a powerful one for that matter. The jews resided in Palestine centuries before Arabs ever set foot there. Israelis and jews are as much human as we are, so are Americans, Britons and Westerners.

Once we learn to empathize, once our policies and actions start building on these simple facts, our world will become a better one.. or so I believe..

For the time being, I hope this ordeal ends soon. We should do our best to help the Lebanese people and call for an immediate cease fire. When that is achieved, we should deal with apologetic assholes of the likes of Hezbollah.

Many might find my logic controversial, maybe insulting.. Feel free to argue, constructively and emotionless-ly!

I pray for innocent lives.. Israeli and Arab alike..


At 3:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you! we definitely don't have the political, economic or military power to stand up to israel, so we might as well deal with its presence in a different way than attacking it and committing suicide at the same time! If Palestine has been living in a state of war and occupation since 60 years, we, Lebanese and Jordanians, have known peace and security, and shouldn't jeopardise that hopelessly. We should try to bring peace and security to the palestinians in a way that guarantees our own too!


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